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Guide to Lettings

Why rent your property?

Many people buy and let properties purely as an investment, however, it may become necessary to let your property because you are moving away either from the area or leaving the country. Renting your property means that you retain an interest in the property market, particularly in poor market conditions, and when you may not be able to sell so easily. Being away for long periods of time and leaving an empty property can leave your home open to all sorts of dangers, including vandalism, squatters or general disrepair.

What type of property?

We rent out a full range of properties from small apartments to large detached houses; both furnished and unfurnished. We cover the areas from South Blackpool through to Preston and its surrounding areas. This includes all the Fylde towns and villages in between. Those properties which attract the most demand from quality tenants will be those which are in good decorative order, in convenient locations and with good transport links.

How much rent will I receive?

We are happy to visit your property on a no-cost, no-obligation basis; to advise you on the likely amount of rent you would receive and to advise on any changes, updates or improvements, which we believe would help find a suitable tenant as soon as possible. We can also discuss any other ways in which we believe you can use our experience and expertise to assist in successfully letting your property.

What happens next?

Your property will be added to our list of available rental properties and a professional advert created and uploaded to Rightmove, On The Market, Harbour Properties own website and a whole host of other websites. We also advertise on social media, send brochures to local employers, erect a To Let sign at your property and have adverts inside our office and in our office window.

We then arrange and carry out accompanied viewings of your property with prospective tenants. If you prefer to carry out viewings on prospective tenants yourself, then this of course, can be arranged.

Once a tenant has put an application into Harbour Properties for the property, and you are happy to proceed, we will then carry out our rigorous tenant vetting and referencing process. This includes Equifax credit checks, current/previous landlord references, employment references (including proof of earnings) and guarantor references, if necessary.

We will then, create a full and detailed inventory and schedule of condition, which will include up to 200 photographs of the condition of the property before the tenant moves in. We will also produce the assured short hold tenancy agreements, to be signed by the tenants at the move in.

We will also keep the tenants deposit in a government approved deposit scheme; we currently use the Deposit Protection Service (DPS). We notify all utilities (Gas, Electric & Water) of the tenants move in details, date of move in and meter reading where applicable. We also notify, the local authority, for council tax purposes.

If you have chosen the Managed Service:

Payment of rent

Rents are usually paid one month in advance, and we encourage tenants to pay their rent by Standing Order. On receipt of the rent we will prepare a Property Management Statement showing any deductions to be made (our charges, maintenance work etc.) this statement will then be sent via email and the payment is forwarded to the landlord’s nominated bank account the same day.

During the tenancy

During the tenancy we will make regular visits to the property to inspect all is in order with the property and that the tenants have no issues and are happy. We will also be the first point of contact for the tenants if there are any maintenance problems or repairs that need to be carried out. If previously agreed, we can then arrange for one our qualified tradesman to complete any repairs needed. Harbour Properties will then pay for the repair on your behalf and deduct the cost from the following months rent.

What happens at the end of the tenancy?

Towards the end of the fixed term of the tenancy, we will ascertain if the tenant wishes to continue with the tenancy or not. If repossession is required by a landlord, we will serve the appropriate notices, on the landlords behalf. If the tenant wishes the tenancy to continue, it will then become a statutory periodic tenancy (month by month). In practical terms this means that at any time in the future the landlord can give the tenant two months notice to leave, and the tenant can give one months notice of their intention to leave (this starts from the next rent date).

At the end of the tenancy, we will complete a full property inspection using the written and photographic inventory, from the start of the tenancy. We will then discuss with the landlord and decide if the deposit is to be returned to the tenant in full or if not, how much of the deposit needs to be retained to pay for damages and cleaning.